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Tethered/Trumps All                                                                                                             photos: Steven Schrieber, Julie Lemberger

Above and Beyond Dance features a multi-talented cast of performers capable of fusing dance, aerial work, acrobatic work and stilt performance. Choreography is developed collaboratively, under the artistic direction of Chriselle Tidrick. Check the performances page for upcoming events.

"…takes Modern Dance to an exciting unfamiliar place."
"…the spectacular physical display kept me fascinated— and moved.” 
-Richmond Shepard, Lively Arts (RAW, 2011)

"The image of Tidrick suspended in mid-air and surrounded by waves of red silk brings to mind the dance pioneer Loie Fuller...stunning..."
-Natalie Axton, Watching Dance (RAW, 2011)

"...so powerfully constructed and performed that you can’t take your eyes off the dancers."
" If Tidrick’s goal is to “extend the range of line and movement beyond...traditional dance,” she has done this and more, with style and excitement.  You haven’t seen anything like this until you attend one of her performances."
- Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts (RAW, 2011)

“The dancers of Above and Beyond Dance surprise the audience, eliciting gasps and murmurs…Breathtaking.”
-Lea McGowan, iDANZ (Ascendance, 2009)

“...the moves are exquisite, the images vivid…a strange mythical sense of grotesque beauty”
"...an amazing, exciting, innovative work of Movement Theatre"
-Richmond Shepard, Lively Arts (Ascendance, 2009)