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REPERTORY: Short Works


Veiled Unveilings

photos: Andrew T. Foster

Created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick, Veiled Unveilings is an aerial dance solo for aerial fabric, exploring the internal conflict between concealing and revealing one's vulnerability. Tidrick retreats into the safety of moments hidden behind the fabric panel, wrapped within the fabric, or simply withdrawn into internal focus, communicating her urge to find security in the face of a potentially threatening environment. Yet, these moments are at odds with her desire to engage with the world. Suspended in the aerial fabric, body exposed, she seeks courage to unveil her vulnerability, connect with the audience, and move upward with strength, grace, and self assurance.



photos: top row: Bobby Hedglin  bottom row: Yechiel Husarsky

Freakshow is a playfully rebellious, uptempo solo work choreographed and performed by Chriselle Tidrick on dance trapeze. Set to Ani DiFranco's song of the same title.


Our Breath (2016)

photos: Bottom left by Raphael Brutus; All others by Andrew T. Foster

Co-created by aerial dancer/choreographer Chriselle Tidrick and poet Ed Toney, Our Breath was performed in Oct. 2016 on the No Holds Barred Showcase at Dixon Place. Both artists/creators appear on stage together with the language of poetry and the language of movement carrying the piece forward. Throughout the piece, both artists respond to the words of Mr. Toney's poetry (recited live), negotiate space with each other, react to each other, and execute choreography together in an exploration of racial dynamics present in our nation and in our lives. The creation of this work was made possible, in part, through the award of an artist residency at Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Arts.


Between (2016)

photos: Allison Stock

Created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick, the aerial hoop solo Between is an aerial dance exploration of the liminal space, utilizing the relationship between the apparatus and Tidrick's body both while she is on the ground and in the air.
          “Between the idea
           And the reality
           Between the motion
           And the act
           Falls the Shadow”           T.S. Eliot “The Hollow Men”



The Flying Nun -  aerial silks choreography for Loft Opera's production of Le Comte Ory (2016)

photos: Above left: Christina Kershaw. All others: James Gavin

This aerial silks solo was created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick under the direction of Loft Opera for the pre-show of their June production of Le Comte Ory at The Muse, Brooklyn. This is a comic piece for a solo aerialist dressed in a full-length nun's habit. The nun awkwardly explores the aerial silks—an apparatus she has no business working on, while simultaneously trying to keep audience members from looking up her dress.


In, Out, Through (2015)

photos: Above left: Ely Kay. Below left: Allison Stock. All others: Andrew Foster

In, Out, Through is an aerial silks solo created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick using choreography on the floor and in the air, as a meditation on the experience of searching for one's way.


The Piper and the Cave of Gold (2011)

Created in collaboration with John Grimaldi/New York Lyric Circus, The Piper and the Cave of Gold was choreographed for Chriselle Tidrick on aerial silks and John Grimaldi on the ground. It uses a Scots-Gaelic folk song to communicate the events of a traditional Scottish faery tale of the same title.


Humpty Dumpty Girl (2010)

photos: Ely Kay

Humpty Dumpty Girl is a solo work choreographed and performed by Chriselle Tidrick. The piece uses fabric hammock to simultaneously communicate the fabled wall and provide a means for Tidrick to fall into disintegration. Music by: What Time is it Mr Fox?


Variation (2005)

photo: top left: Michael Bordwell

Variation is a short stilt dancing solo created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick and inspired by the ballet Don Quixote. The piece aims to thrill the audience, using balletic movements such as battements, balancés, and pirouettes, together with Spanish dance influence via the use of a red fan.



REPERTORY: Full Length Works


REPERTORY (from Dreamscapes and Other Imaginings, 2014):
(an exploration of the fantastical relationship between dancers in circus
apparatus and dancers on the floor)



photos: Steven Schreiber

Previously performed as part of Seeking and Ascendance, Entangled makes a reappearance as part of the “Imaginings” on this program. Choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick and Emily Smyth Vartanian in 2007, performed by Tomomi Imai and Chriselle Tidrick.



photos: Steven Schreiber

Previously performed as part of Ascendance, Equilibrium is danced by a new cast (Alicia Gerstein and Tomomi Imai) as part of the “Imaginings” on this program. Choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with Sharon Livardo du Maine and Madeline Hoak in 2009.



photos: Steven Schreiber

Originally performed as part of RAW, Absentia makes a reappearance as another “Imagining.”




photos: Steven Schreiber



                                                                                            photos: Steven Schreiber


Larger Than Life

                         photos: Steven Schreiber




photos: 1-5:Steven Schreiber.        6:David Purdy


photos: Steven Schreiber


photos: Steven Schreiber

A cast of highly trained dancer-circus artists utilize aerial harness, aerial fabric, trapeze, stilt work, and contemporary dance to carry the viewer through six otherworldly vignettes depicting the ethereal wonder of dreams and the surreal terror of nightmares. The scene shifts from tattered, misshapen bodies, to larger-than-life beauty, to a suspended figure unable to flee malicious attackers, to a fleeting experience of love and romance, to a lone figure overcome by turbulent waters, and finally to the mystical appearance of angelic beings. Avant garde sound artist Brian Questa contributes a brilliant new score, providing audiences with a fully integrated visual and auditory journey which transcends reality. Choreography was created by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with the cast, with the exception of the trapeze duet, Amour, which was choreographed by Fran Sperling.



REPERTORY (from RAW, 2011):
(an aerial dance journey into raw emotion and raw physicality)


And Yet So Far Away

Originally presented as part of Seeking, And Yet So Far Away was reworked by Chriselle Tidrick and Fernando Francisco for RAW.





Absentia is an aerial silk solo created and performed by Chriselle Tidrick. Combining movement with the fabric both on the ground and in the air, it follows a woman’s experience of loss and longing through to her discovery of strength, self confidence and ease of movement. Absentia is set to a new composition by Lauren Butcher.



Embrace II

Embrace II is choreographed by Tomomi Imai. In this piece, a solo dancer experiences her sense of the vulnerability of life and the delicate balance between holding onto and letting go of a part of herself. Using a balloon as an invisible metaphor with which she moves and interacts, she confronts the fear of irretrievable loss.


Dou de Amor

Originally presented as part of Seeking, Duo de Amor makes a reappearance in RAW.



RAW (the title work of the program) crosses disciplinary boundaries by fusing dance theater with circus arts techniques to explore perceptions of the human body as meat. RAW uses span sets instead of traditional aerial apparatus in order to give a more industrial look to the images being created on stage. Female dancers hang, fall and ascend heavy-weight black span sets, generating images of writhing, contorted animals in the slaughterhouse as a predatory male figure lurks below. Choreography is juxtaposed with images of dancers hanging from meat racks in the meat packing district. The piece was choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick, in collaboration with the cast. RAW is set to several compositions by Nicholas Csicsko and by Reinaldo Moya.



REPERTORY (from Ascendance, 2009):
(an exploration of group dynamics and the nature of strength and weakness)

Playground I/II

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Playground I/II is choreographed by collaborator Emily Smyth Vartanian, for two dancers suspended from ropes by harnesses and one dancer in a double bungee apparatus. It explores the toys we only wish we had as children. The final image above is from a transitional section created collaboratively by the Company.

Shifting Sands

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Shifting Sands was created by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with the Company. (The acrobatic section was co-created with Andrea Skurr.) This piece finds the dancers in a threatening, unpredictable environment in which fear and a power struggle dominate.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Originally presented as part of Seeking, Entangled (co-created by Chriselle Tidrick and Emily Smyth Vartanian) makes a re-appearance in Ascendance.

Trumps All

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Trumps All, created by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with the Company, heightens the power struggle emerging in Act I of Ascendance. Stilt dancer, Sharon Livardo du Maine enters and asserts her power over the group with looming height and dangerous kicking legs.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Co-created by Chriselle Tidrick and Madeline Hoak, with contributions from Andrea Skurr, Retreat is choreographed for a dancer in aerial silk (Madeline Hoak) with interruptions by Sharon Livardo du Maine (on stilts) and Andrea Skurr (dancer). The aerialist attempts to escape a world of fear and chaos, yet every effort she makes to ascend results in her tumbling earthward.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Rise is choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with the Company, for two dancers on stilts and three dancers on the ground. The piece revolves around a woman who has completely collapsed. The stilt dancers enter as figures who wish to help her rediscover her strength. Yet, it is only through the entrance of two other dancers that they can find the strength and stability to lift the weak one to her greatest heights.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Equilibrium was created by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with performers Madeline Hoak and Sharon Livardo du Maine. A duet for a stilt dancer and a dancer on the ground, the performers discover a connection based in mutual support, balance and freedom.

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Created by collaborator Andrea Skurr, is a duet incorporating acrobatic partnering. It explores the concept of conjoined twins and evokes questions of self versus other.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Ascending is solo for static trapeze created and performed by Madeline Hoak. She rises from the floor and gradually rises higher and higher in the apparatus until she has achieved a state of joy and peace.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2009

Soaring is a trio for two dancers in aerial harnesses (rigged to ropes) and a dancer on the ground, choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick in collaboration with Andrea Skurr and Emily Smyth Vartanian. It focuses on the possibility of joyous ascension as the dancers discover the freedom in being suspended above the ground—swinging and flying beyond the usual limitations of gravity


REPERTORY (from Seeking, 2008):
(explores the human struggle through a sea of disconnection toward the possibility of an accepting embrace)

Duo De Amor

photos 4&5: Steven Schrieber

photos 1,2 &3: Julie Lemberger ©2008:

Duo De Amor, by Chriselle Tidrick, is a tango performed on static trapeze in relationship to a dancer on the ground. The trapeze is used, but the emphasis in placed on how it can be used to communicate the quality of the dance—its rhythms, shapes, movements, and inherent sensuality.

Gallo Ciego

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008:

Gallo Ciego, choreographed by Chriselle Tidrick is a tango for two stilt dancers. It, too, seeks to express the rhythms, shapes and movement of Argentine tango. The choreography is more about the movement than about the spectacle of circus, although the use of the apparatus ultimately adds excitement to the already beautiful and passionate tango.  (Stilt dancer, Mark Mindek appears here with Chriselle Tidrick and the ensemble.)


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Entangled, Chriselle’s duet for fabric sling (also called hammock), was co-created with Emily Smyth Vartanian. This piece explores the relationship between two figures—one of whom inhabits an earthly realm, and one of whom discovers she is suspended above it and is unable to descend. The two figures seek to form a connection and find mutual territory, but a permanent connection is ultimately impossible.

And Yet So Far Away

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008:

And Yet So Far Away was choreographed in collaboration with Luis Gabriel Zaragoza to Nuevo Tango music. This more traditional dance piece deals with the disintegrating relationship between a man and a woman. Utilizing inverted shapes and dynamic partnering, it expresses the frustration of failed attempts at connection and the loneliness of being in physical proximity yet emotionally distant from the object of one’s affection


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Transformation, by Tomomi Imai, is choreographed for a solo dancer to a piano score by Bob Sardo. It runs 7 minutes and is an exploration of the space between Life and Spirit, with a theme of Life that awakens under moonlight.

Dark Tide

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Dark Tide, by Tomomi Imai, is a duet for a male and a female dancer to original music by Bob Sardo. The two dancers struggle with failed communication and an inability to connect. The male figure reaches out to the woman, but he does not know what she wants. Meanwhile, the female dancer knows she wants to create a relationship with the man, but she cannot allow herself to give in to her feelings. (Luis Gabriel Zaragoza is pictured here with Tomomi Imai.)

Friends in High Places, the stilt dancing duo of Coralie Romanyshyn and Mark Mindek, is constantly exploring the role that stilts can play in dance performance. The company offers a waltz to Seeking.

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

The Waltz explores the dance form from the perspective of romance. The music we have chosen has roots in the early 20th century. Movements are taken from the waltz vocabulary from the 1890s and early 1900s. The result is the capture of the romantic and wistful quality of music of that time. (Sharon Livardo du Maine is pictured here with Mark Mindek.)


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Samota was created by Martin Løfsnes/ 360° Dance.  The piece explores the isolation of a solo dancer as he gradually turns increasingly inward.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Hover is an aerial solo created by Emily Smyth Vartanian in which the performer is suspended from a rope by a harness. The theme of the piece lies directly in line with the performer’s relationship to the apparatus. It is very easy to simply hang straight down from the ceiling, in compliance with gravity. But, things get interesting when the dancer pushes away from this central point.

Getting High

photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Getting High is a solo by Emily Smyth Vartanian performed on a double-bungee apparatus, in which the dancer is attached on both hips. It is an aggressive dance, working with the stretch-and-rebound nature of the bungees. The dancer is suspended quite literally in the middle of nowhere, reaching out in an attempt to connect to anything, be it the floor, walls, ceiling, or audience, but is halted and thrust in the opposite direction with force equal to her initial effort.


photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Pictured here in their Libertango, Anabella Lenzu (of Anabella Lenzu/Dance Drama) and her partner, Todd Carroll, choreographed and perform in the tango milonga sections of Seeking. They also served as advisors to the artistic director in the process of interweaving the evening’s choreography in the tango milonga scene. 



photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008

Additional tango choreography was contributed by Pawel Cheda who created Enamorado, a tango performed with Emily Smyth Vartanian to Henry Mancini's Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet.


Please contact Above and Beyond Dance if you are interested in bringing RAW, Ascendance or Seeking to your venue.  DVDs are available on request.