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Aerial Playtime:

Above and Beyond Dance coordinates AERIAL PLAYTIME. 

Our idea is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for dancers to explore ways of fusing dance and aerial work. This is an environment within which people may work at their own skill levels with both dance and aerial work. The focus of Playtime sessions is on the creative exploration of new ideas—NOT general teaching or training. The majority of the time will be spent working together, with participants all contributing to group explorations.

Aerial Playtime is currently on hiatus.  But, if you are interested if future participation, contact the company for additional details: info@aboveandbeyonddance.com


Workshop Programs:

Above and Beyond Dance is pleased to offer a series of workshop programs designed for schools, youth organizations, gymnastics centers and dance studios.  Options range from lecture-demonstrations to ongoing workshops with students. 

Acro-dance workshops: (ages 7 & up)
Our acro-dance workshops focus on the blending of basic gymnastics elements with modern dance and basic partnering work.  Participants will gain a familiarity with these techniques and explore their fusion through teacher-generated phrase work, structured improvisation, and student choreography.  A special focus is placed on fostering life skills such as cooperation, mutual support, personal and group responsibility, and confidence in participants' physicality.

Stilt dancing workshops:  (ages 9 & up)
Our stilt dancing workshops can be enjoyed both by participants who want to learn stilt dancing and by participants who are interested in dancing on the ground in collaboration with others on stilts.  Instruction in the basics of stilt work, modern dance technique, and partnering will serve as the foundation for the fusion of the stilt and dance elements.  These skills will be integrated through the use of structured improvisation and the creation of student choreography, under the supervision of Above and Beyond Dance instructors.  A special focus is placed on the development of life skills such as trust, responsibility, cooperation, mutual support, and confidence.

Aerial dance workshops:  (ages 9 & up)
Our aerial dance workshops focus on the use of aerial apparatus as an additional partner in the creation of dance movement.  Instruction in modern dance technique, partnering, and basic aerial skills provide the necessary tools to explore the fusion of dance and aerial work.  Students will perform teacher-generated material and develop choreography of their own through guided experimentation and structured improvisation.  The fusion of dance and aerial techniques heightens our perception of gravity, momentum and force.  In a school setting, this could be paired with formal instruction in principles of physics, in collaboration with school science faculty.  Throughout this workshop, a special focus is placed on the development of life skills such as trust, personal and group responsibility, cooperation, consideration for others, and confidence in participants' physicality.  (Aerial apparatus available include:  aerial harness, static trapeze, and fabric sling/hammock.)


Please contact the company in you are interested in bringing one or more of these workshop programs to your school or organization.  We will work with you to customize the workshop to suit the needs and size of your group.  Please note that for certain workshops space and technical needs apply.  The company is happy to work with you to determine which workshops your space can accommodate. 
For workshop inquiries, please email us at: booking@aboveandbeyonddance.com








photos: Julie Lemberger ©2008